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At Lumination, every creation is more than a solution — it is a mission and a purpose unfolding.


We believe in magic, unicorns, big dreams, and leaps of faith.

We believe in the extraordinary and strive to create a space where humans’ natural abilities and ‘whole self’ emerge. Once we all see what is possible within us, we will believe and act our way into a different future.

We believe that most challenges are people problems or systemic problems.

Systemic problems are caused by decisions made by people, either consciously or not. Therefore, the root of all problems and solutions lie in the minds and hearts of people.

We believe that people are the bedrock of society.

…and by helping them find clarity, while simultaneously inspiring and empowering them to become the best versions of themselves, we will see a ripple effect of love, peace, innovation, and Growth across the continent and the world. This is where our mission lies.

We believe that in order for you to DO great work in this world…

you must become the type of person that is required to execute and sustain that work. We believe that results are important but how we get there is as important.

We believe in the power of community.

We create special ways for people to interact and more importantly, connect with each other. We make a lot of time for feelings and we speak a language of encouragement.

We believe in embracing the ‘AND,’ of ‘African roots AND global consciousness.’

It is possible to honor the wisdom of our elders, embrace the values of family, community, respect, AND express our individual hearts and minds.

  • What We Do

Lumination is more than just a company; it’s a movement actively shaping the path towards a brighter and more inclusive future. We believe that every creation – whether an idea, product, platform, or project – holds the potential to contribute to a world that embraces innovation, purpose, and conscious creation.

We provide innovative and tailored strategies for businesses and organizations, placing a strong emphasis on creative problem-solving, crafting educational content, and designing effective learning programs.

At Lumination, every creation is more than a solution—it is a mission and a purpose unfolding. Everything we create makes you feel like you have a place to express your true self and have the freedom to not self-censor your most interesting ideas. Whether you’re seeking transformative learning experiences, innovative solutions, or a conscious partner for your projects, Lumination is here to illuminate the path forward.


SwitchOn! At Work

Transform your team’s mindset, happiness, collaboration, and productivity with SwitchOn! At Work programs.

We deliver training in-personal and virtual training that help the people in your organization become the best possible versions of themselves, and give their best at work. Our programs cut across purpose & self discovery, workplace wellness, owning & telling your story, and productivity.

We are also able to tailor bespoke sessions to fit your company’s needs. Our sessions are interactive, engaging, inspiring, and educational. We don’t just teach, we share AND connect in such a way that your team feels seen, heard, and energized.

SwitchOn! Academy

SwitchOn! Academy is a learning platform featuring programs that are designed to help you take decisive action to get your best self and your best work out into the world. We exist for doers and change-makers who want to use their gifts to create a business, service, or platform that matters. SwitchOn! Academy’s learning experience is action oriented, purpose-driven, and transformative. If you’re an aspiring or established entrepreneur, coach, practitioner, creator, artist, designer, free-lancer, or small business owner, We’re excited to work with you to birth your….#NextLevel.

SwitchOn! Academy programs offer exclusive online courses, modules, and masterclasses that touch every pillar of human growth and membership to a curated community (in person and virtual) through mastermind groups, events, and discussion groups.

Z Lead

ZLEAD is a thought-based platform for youth (13 – 25) that focuses on purpose-led self-discovery, workshops, belonging, identity, and impact. The world today is MORE of everything: more information, more opportunity, more things to learn, more platforms, more choice, more screens, more entertainment, more competition, more saturation. For today’s Gen Z, this means less clarity and the potential to be lost, unfocused, or demotivated. These feelings can carry on well into adulthood, if not addressed early on.

How do we make sure youth today are happy AND successful AND grounded? How do they feel whole and lead from within? How do we best prepare them to lead, communicate, and collaborate with empathy and compassion? How do we make sure that we are supporting them to fulfill their potential? At ZLEAD we exist to do just that. We believe that raising human consciousness should be accessible, simple, and digestible to those with short attention spans, as we are going to rely on these young adults to carry us through in generations to come.

Z Space

Z SPACE is a dynamic creative incubator where innovation, collaboration, and inspiration converge to shape the artists, creators, innovators, and leaders of tomorrow. Our focus is on continuous learning, offering a platform where young individuals can refine their skills, unlock their potential, and continuously improve their craft. Z Space is a vibrant community where ideas collide, perspectives converge, and innovation takes flight. 



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Group 18

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When we arrive at work we walk into a place that feels like it exists in an imaginary world. We have created an environment where ‘the norm’ and status quo is suspended and we constantly use our imaginations and think outside the box. We value creativity and have expanded the definition of ‘creative,’ beyond ‘aesthetics’ to include anyone that plays a part in designing an experience that improves the world around them. Creativity is an attitude not a skill; resourcefulness and inventiveness being the foundation from which all else springs. This is our way of being and working.

Whoever is a part of our team is a part of a tribe that chooses to take responsibility for their approach to their work and their life everyday.